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Couples searching for the perfect destination wedding venues find it in the Caicos Islands, a tropical paradise near the Bahamas in the Atlantic Ocean. The Caicos Islands compose only half of the famed Turks and Caicos, a premier and highly sought-after British overseas territory and vacation spot for tourists around the world. However, with 6 main islands (Providenciales, Middle Caicos, and North, South, East and West Caicos), couples find it easy to spend an entire wedding and honeymoon just in the Caicos Islands. Prepare to encounter a peaceful atmosphere far different from some of the hotspot islands of the Caribbean - things in the Caicos happen at a slower pace, with more of a focus on beautiful natural surroundings, luxurious tropical accommodation, well-being, and of course, time spent with each other.

Perhaps the most popular and best known out of the islands, Providenciales (more commonly known as Provo) makes an ideal choice for a Caicos destination wedding. The most developed and tourist-centric of the islands, it features a wealth of convenient features for couples planning weddings - easily accessible locations, an international airport, plenty of resorts and hotels, restaurants, and other amenities to make your life and planning easier. The majority of the resorts cluster around the Grace Bay Beach area, a world-renowned shore many consider one of the most beautiful in the world. These resorts come fully equipped with every modern and luxurious convenience, and offer a range of wedding packages, services, and planning experts for your special day! A host of other stunning beaches, including Long Bay, Leeward, Sapodilla, the Bight, and Malcolm Roads invite couples to partake of warm aqua waters, sugar sand, and beautiful scenery. Although the past several years saw a development boom in Provo, make no mistake - the beaches and natural beauty here still remain pristine and unspoiled, and couples find it easy to locate a quiet spot all to themselves for a wedding ceremony. Provo at its busiest still maintains a laidback and quiet atmosphere, nothing like some of the more well-known and booming Caribbean Islands.

For couples that value isolation above all else, however, North Caicos presents an even more secluded alternative. Only 12 miles northeast of Provo, this island contains a population of a little over 1,000, and remains largely untouched and absolutely beautiful. On this incredibly lush Caicos Island, couples find beautiful backdrops for wedding ceremonies every way they turn, such as gorgeous wooded areas and stunning beaches where you can walk for miles and never encounter another soul. A spot such as Pumpkin Bluff Beach or Whitby Beach provides wide stretches of white sand ideal for wedding ceremonies - just prepare adequately and bring any necessary supplies, as fewer facilities await on this island. Some couples choose to book one of the local villas or small hotels right near some of the lovely beaches, while still others make the day trip from the luxury resorts of Provo. Recently, investors have targeted North Caicos for development, with several new projects underway for condos, communities, and more. For the time being, however, the island remains largely untouched and idyllic, a romantic retreat for a Caicos destination wedding.

Middle Caicos presents another isolated location for wedding ceremonies, with beaches perfectly suited to couples with a flair for the dramatic. Exchange vows on one of the north shores such as Bambarra or Mudjin Harbor - Mudjin features dramatic rocky cliffs and headlands, perfect for sweeping views of the waves below. For honeymoon excursions, Middle Caicos also contains historical ruins and a beautiful cave system, one of the largest in the area. Not a lot of accommodations await couples on this island, but a few villas and a hotel offer some options for booking a stay.

The remaining Caicos Islands - West, East, and South - each contain their own unique personalities and hidden locations that might prove the perfect destination wedding spot for you. East Caicos contains mostly swamps and mangrove forests, but boasts a glorious 17-mile white sand beach. South Caicos, home of a historic fishing town and the remnants of Caicos' famed salt industry, features beautiful diving and great sport fishing opportunities. On West Caicos, a Ritz-Carlton is currently under construction, soon to emerge as a glamorous new location for engaged and newlywed couples. Charter a private boat, take to the warm blue waters, and explore these islands to find your ideal secluded sandy cove or small beach for exchanging vows!

If even the main islands seem too large and crowded for your tastes, the nearby cays present a few alternative options. All privately owned by various resorts, Parrot Cay, Pine Cay, and Big Ambergris Cay offer intimate and very exclusive areas for destination wedding ceremonies. Keep in mind that all beaches in the Caicos Islands remain open to the public, but for the sake of convenience, you may want to either book a stay on these cays or search elsewhere for your beach location.

Experience a sense of intimacy and romance on the Caicos Islands, which contain some of the most beautiful and secluded beaches left in either the Atlantic or Caribbean. Here the island pace slows you down and invites you to relax, and savor every moment of your special Caicos destination wedding ceremony, reception, and honeymoon. Whether you choose one of the stunning and tranquil beach locations or one of the luxurious hotels or villas, a Caicos destination wedding leaves you with memories worth treasuring for years to come!

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