Providenciales - Caicos Islands Online Travel Guide

Middle Caicos rules as the largest in the Turks and Caicos chain. Known for great caving spots and fishing, this island remains mostly unpopulated with only about 300 permanent residents. The rich foliage and agriculture dazzle visitors with its diverse species. Rent a cottage for your stay, with a spectacular beachfront view and very few amenities.

A lovely limestone ridge decorates the north shore and caves stand further inland. On Middle Caicos, you can find some of the largest above-ground caves in the entire archipelago. Arrange a tour of the Conch Bar Caves, formed by the erosion of limestone, and see the remarkable milky-white stalagmites and stalactites. Excavators found many Lucayan Indian artifacts in these caves in past years, including a wooden "duho," or ceremonial stool. Other places to explore include Orange Tree Cave, Dead Man's Skull Bluff, and various Lucayan mounds in the southwest.

Explore the island's well-known bonefishing flats. Easily arrange a guided trip with the locals and sail out to sea for a day and enjoy some great bonefishing or reef fishing. At Bambarra Beach in the north, a fun and exciting water sport takes place. Enjoy a miniature version of sailing by launching model sailboats. Local artisans hand-craft these out of the "gum - elemi"; tree, a softwood found in the Caribbean. Residents and visitors alike gather to sail their vessels and participate in tournaments. The nearby waters make popular spots for snorklers and kayakers.

Discover various indigenous plants on the island. The "Old Man Cactus," standing taller than other surrounding plants and topped with a woolly white "beard,"provides a very distinctive and attractive sight. See the "Love Weed," a vine that residents say can predict a couple's relationship with how well it grows. Fruit trees and herbs decorate the entire island, providing most of Middle Caicos' economy through agriculture.

Travel to Middle Caicos and start out on a caving adventure, exploring mysterious and uninhabited caverns. Enjoy the sunny beaches and clear waters, and even participate in a model sailboat race. Discover a great time on this tropical island!

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